Chocolate Grasshopper broke onto the Miami punk rock scene sometime in 1987. We had the Cameo Theatre back then. The Cameo was more than a venue it was a refuge. It was the heart and soul of Miami's underground. Behind the Cameo was the famous "Sands Hotel". With a little help from Reaganomics the Sands closed down and left a huge pool and cabana area vacant and out of view. We would drain the pool and skate until The Cameo would open. That's how I want to remember Miami. Chocolate Grasshopper's demo tape "Partyin' With Bearhead" was our soundtrack for those times.



"Chocolate Grasshopper was a breath of fresh air. The first time I saw them was at The Cameo Theatre in 1987. The Miami scene was flooded with violence and tough-guy bands. Chocolate Grasshopper was different. Chocolate Grasshopper was for everyone."

-Danny Lore, Against All Authority



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Great Compromiser


Dark Alley

Live and Let Live


Twistin' On My Mind


Wake Up

Shula Ditch


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