Worked World was Neil Blender, Eddie Glass, and Hagop. Neil and Eddie went on to form Olivelawn with O. and Mike Olson. Jason Jesse sings "We're Racing" on this 7".

  Thanks to Neal smalltownbrown for recording this from his 7". You can hear the cracks and pops from his old 7" on these recordings... but I think that makes it sound great. These files are in itunes format. We are making these songs available to skullandbones members only. If you have any info, pics, flyers, etc. of Worked World PM me and I'll throw them up here for everyone. Click on the songs below and enjoy.

  I am not trying to gain anything from making these songs available. My only intention is to make these great songs available to skullandbones members. If you're a member of the band and you want me to get rid of this page PM me.




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